SocialFolders is the best way to access and manage all the content you have online.

It's like Dropbox for Social!

Transfer your files between websites in a matter of seconds.

Just copy and paste. And it's done!

Effortlessly sync your photos and documents from your computer.

All your files are finally in one place.

"Freakin' cool! Like a Dropbox for social stuff."
"An awesome way to sync photos from tons of places on the web...great idea and long overdue!"
"Lovely solution to organizing my online world!"

Set Up Once. Forget.

Once you set up SocialFolders, it runs in the background and keeps your content in sync.

The Easiest Way to Upload

Want to upload a file, whether a picture, document, video or sound? Drag it into the appropriate folder!

Automatically Organized

Your content is organized by channel and then by folders. Easily find what you're searching for!

A Tool You Already Know How to Use

SocialFolders organizes all your content into an organization you're familiar with: folders.